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I kept on postponing buying a laptop since last 3 years.

2006 1st half – I’m still in college, will buy one when I’ll start earning a salary

2006 2nd half – No money left after giving advance to landlord, setting up a livable rental accomodation and a couple of fligh trips

2007 1st half – Taxes, 80C investments sucked up all the money

2007 2nd half – Moved to Bangalore. Oh, that friend went to US – will ask him to bring a laptop with him when he comes back 2 months later. He was already bringing his own.

2008 1st half – will ask me CEO to receive the shipping and bring back. He was stuffed already. Anuway I can use my room mates’ laptop.

2008 2nd half – Ok, will check if someone is in US during Thanksgiving-Christams holidays. Discounts are pretty huge at that time.

2008 Dec – Huge discount from e-Zone – extremely good config in 33k plus, 2k cask back, one electric rice cooker and one flight ticket. Bought it without any hesitation. From Bangalore.

2009 Jan – Came to US. Couldn’t use the new laptop for even 2 weeks.

Procrastination never worked for me!


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