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Whatta Dialogue

Yesterday, while surfing channels, I came across a funny scene where Amisha Patel was looking at Aftab Shivdasani with a rather stern looking face. She looked so funny I had to stay and watch the scene. So, here goes the dialogues.

Background: AP and AS are married couple. Apparently, AP was away for sometime and when she returned, she found her dear hubby to be some ‘Badla Badla’. So, she sits in an arm-chair and interrogates her hubby.

AP: Did you sleep with her? [Who her?]
AS: Silent. [His mobile rings and viewers find that Isha Deol is calling]
ID: Come on, pick up the phone Dammit
AS: Presses the red button
AP: Batao, did you sleep with her?
AS: Nods in yes
AP: Kitni Baar?
AS: [What the Fuck?] Kya?
AP: Batao, kitni baar. Ek baar, do baar, char baar, panch baar? Ya phir ginti bhul gaye?
AS: Nod in disbelief. AP interprets as ‘A zillion times’
AP: [Throwing her ‘disgusting’ look, which is actually very funny to see]
AS: [comes closer to her ‘disgruntled’ wife] Dekho, shuru se aisa nahi thaa. Pehle hum ‘friends’ ki tarah hi mile. Phir.. Phir…
AP: [Internally: My God, main aage nain sun sakti] Kya tum usse pyar karte ho?
AS: [WTF?] Kya?
AP: Do you love her?
[Pissed off Kalyan: Abe bol de ‘NAHIN, woh to main behak gaya tha tumhari absense mein. Warna main to tumhi se pyar karta hun’]
AS: Yes
AP: slaps AS, and leaves the place.

The scene highlighted some points:

  • Acting prowess of Amisha Patel (with the ‘stern’ look on her face, which may be alternatively interpreted as queer)  and Aftab Shivdasani (The guy shows the power of silence. Without even speaking a full sentence in the scene, the actor manages to extract ‘disgusting’ look from her loving wife)
  • Levels to which hindi cinema dialogue-writing has stooped.
  • Wives like AP really amaze me. I mean she allows me to fuck around, as long as I do not ‘love’ that ‘other woman’. I wonder if such wives really exist. Because if they do, bachelors – Go, and Get’em.

And oh. BTW movie was ‘Ankahee’ .

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